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I have greatly enjoyed my first six months at Chandler Law—time is passing by too quickly.  Before I tell you a bit more about myself, I want to briefly mention Douglas.  On a recent call, a long-time client with a national practice described Douglas as “deep water.”  I could not think of a better description.  Working with him every day represents the opportunity to learn the practice of professional liability from a master craftsman.  If you or someone you know may have a situation that requires someone with his expertise, you should get in touch with Douglas.  And, I promise I am not saying that just because the firm is named after him!

My favorite aspects of professional liability include coming to understand the unique challenges our clients face, thinking through the potential solutions and strategies to help them solve those challenges, and then advocating on their behalf to work towards the best possible result.   This fits in with my past experiences of teaching and technology consulting, which I consider similar in that they involve problem solving.  

Generally, teaching involved problem solving on a “person-to-person” level, while consulting involved problem solving on a “person-to-technical problem” level.  The practice of law is unique in that I see a blend of the personal and the technical in approaching problems; sometimes the focus is more on the personal, and sometimes it is more on the technical.  Helping a client also depends on the situs of their challenge, for example whether they are a plaintiff commencing with a demand against their former professional (attorney, accountant, etc), a professional who just received a demand from a former client, or a professional in the middle of an existing bar grievance.  The variety of cases we see at Chandler Law, including the variety of the underlying legal matters, means that each day provides a fresh set of challenges to work on and think through.  It is a practice area where I get to build the skill set of a specialist while learning a broad range of legal issues and working with experts within those practice areas.  It short, it is a practice area which elicits my passion and fits me like a glove.

If you are wondering what makes me tick as an attorney, it comes from my days of teaching.   And before that, it comes from the lessons I learned from my parents.  I think we can all relate to that, for better or worse.  I became a teacher because it was what my Mom had done.  I observed how her wholehearted dedication and consistent hard work paid off in the lives of her special needs students.  Her life inspired me to do something with my own life where I utilized my skills and talents to make a difference in other people’s lives.

For me, my calling is advocating as an attorney on behalf of the clients who need our help.  It is very satisfying work indeed.  On the first day of my professional liability class in law school, I remember my professor discussing “zealous representation.”  That stuck with me.  I see it as much more than a well-worn legal maxim.  As a professional liability attorney, I take what I do very seriously.  I wake up at night and think about our client’s problems, and I know that Douglas does, as well.  We understand the level of dedication and stress that you—our clients—go through on a day-to-day basis because we are right there with you. At the conclusion of meetings with many of our clients, they express the feeling of a “load being lifted from their shoulders.”  Certainly, we are here to help carry our client’s burdens.  As mentioned above, if you or someone you know might need our help, do not hesitate to reach out.  We look forward to the opportunity to take on your unique challenges.

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