• Chandler Law believed in my legal malpractice case and stood up to a big downtown Atlanta law firm to help my family recover against my former lawyer. We are so grateful for their help!

    Ms. M, North GA Legal Malpractice, Plaintiff
  • When I came to Chandler Law, Douglas took the time to listen to my concerns and give me a fair and accurate opinion of my case, which he continued to do throughout their representation. They did a great job advocating for me, while also reminding me of the reality of the situation. If I had the chance to choose representation again I would go right back to Chandler Law. I highly recommend this firm.

    Mr. L, Atlanta, GA Attorney State Bar Grievance
  • “Life is stressful at times. And, then, there are those whom the Lord puts in your life to help relieve some of that stress. Like a trusted old friend, Douglas and his team, with a wealth of skill and experience, have certainly helped to relieve some of my stress. I am thankful to have CHANDLER LAW on my side. Thank you, Douglas!”

    Attorney B, North Georgia
  • Douglas Chandler's expertise and professionalism proved to be invaluable in making short work of a malicious Bar complaint. Knowing that the matter was in his capable hands gave me the peace of mind to focus on my practice during the review process.

    Mr. D, Savannah, GA Attorney State Bar Grievance
  • Mr. Chandler represented me in a matter that has made me learn from certain mistakes I have made in my profession. During the entire representation Mr. Chandler never judged the decisions I had made, listened to all my concerns, and came up with a plan to resolve my problem. Needless to say, he represented me exceptionally well and got the best result possible in my situation. I highly recommend Mr. Chandler.

    Attorney L Legal Malpractice
  • I retained the attorneys of Chandler Law to handle a grievance that was filed against me by a disgruntled former client. Douglas and his attorneys were responsive, professional, and supportive throughout the entire process. They handled the grievance with expertise, and it was dismissed. I highly recommend this law firm.

    Attorney K., Atlanta GA State Bar Grievance
  • I sought the advice of Douglas Chandler and Chandler Law after another lawyer filed a bar grievance against me to try to get me to pay money to his client for a real estate closing the lawyer said I had done incorrectly.  Douglas listened to me, helped me report the matter to my malpractice carrier to get disciplinary coverage I didn’t even know I had, and responded to the bar complaint aggressively. Later, I was dragged into litigation between the buyer and seller of the property.  Although not on my malpractice carrier’s panel of defense lawyers, my carrier hired Chandler Law on my behalf to also litigate the civil claims against me and my firm.  Chandler Law aggressively handled our defense, and globally resolved the civil claims and disciplinary case confidentially.  When your license to practice law and your professional reputation is on the line, we highly recommend Chandler Law for professional liability and state bar disciplinary defense.

    Mr. N, Atlanta, GA Attorney State Bar Grievance
  • Several years ago we found ourselves needing an attorney to handle a legal malpractice claim against a law firm in Central GA. We searched for weeks and were finally referred to Douglas Chandler. He came to our home and assessed our situation and took on the job of helping us get justice against the firm which had negligently destroyed our eminent domain case against the county and the GA Department of Transportation over the course of a few years. Only a few lawyers will take on the challenge of holding negligent lawyers responsible for their legal malpractice, and I highly recommend Douglas Chandler and his firm.

    Mr. and Mrs. P Middle GA
  • I have known Mr. Chandler for about 20 years, and he has been very helpful to me during that time. I am proud to recommend him highly because of his expertise and spirit of excellence.

    Mr. M. Attorney
  • After sixteen years of practicing law, my firm’s IOLTA account fell victim to fraud. The fraud department with my bank contacted me and rejected the check. To my surprise, I received a letter from the Georgia Bar requesting bank accounts, supporting documents, and it subsequently initiated a grievance against me. I reached out to two friends, who both referred me to Douglas Chandler for representation. I met with Mr. Chandler and his team and felt very comfortable moving forward with their representation. Mr Chandler and his team were able to facilitate a dismissal of the grievance filed against me by the State Bar. Chandler Law is highly qualified, and I highly recommend the firm in the areas of legal ethics and malpractice prevention. Job well done Chandler Law team. Thank you for your peer-coaching and legal representation. The epitome of the Lion and the Lamb.

    Attorney P, Atlanta GA
  • Mr. Chandler and Mr. Waddington effectively and efficiently handled my firm’s issue relating to our IOLTA account and a bar inquiry caused by attempted third-party fraud. They are knowledgeable and responsive. Highly recommend.

    Attorney S, Decatur GA
  • A former client created a situation by not providing me all of the information I needed to successfully represent him. When he subsequently threatened me with a malpractice lawsuit and a Bar grievance, I was referred by another attorney to Chandler Law. They helped me respond appropriately to my former client and also helped me to withdraw from further representation. Chandler Law was approved by my malpractice insurance carrier to defend me if the former client follows through with their threats. I place great value on the advice and assistance which was provided by Chandler Law, and would highly recommend them for similar representation in the future.

    Mr. R, Atlanta, GA Attorney State Bar Grievance
  • I sought the advice of Douglas Chandler and Chandler Law after another lawyer who was an expert in the same field as myself accused me of violations of the Rules of Professional Conduct based on his dissatisfaction with the way I handled a real estate closing. While neither the lawyer nor his client suffered any damages as a result of the closing and the way in which it was handled, I can only assume the motive for the baseless grievance was malicious intent to harm. Because of this lawyer’s expertise in this area of law he was quite adept at obfuscating the facts and thus muddying the waters enough to make his grievance believable. Richard Waddington and Douglas Chandler of Chandler Law stepped in on the matter and because of their empathy, professionalism, and ability to state the truth in a clear and concise matter, the grievance was dismissed with absolutely no disciplinary action. I credit Chandler Law with my receipt of the best possible result. I highly recommend Chandler Law to defend other lawyers and I have the utmost gratitude for their handling of my case.

    Attorney  C, GA Attorney
  • “I was involved in a criminal matter ten days before I was scheduled to sit for the Georgia bar examination. I contacted Chandler Law and the team swiftly moved into action and provided much needed advice in navigating the nuanced policies and procedures regarding disclosure of the event. The team at Chandler Law insured that my status with the Georgia bar was affected as little as possible and as a result of their expert professional advice I was able to sit for the examination. I am eternally grateful for their help and I highly recommend their services for anyone facing a state bar disciplinary proceeding.

    Mr. M, Ga Bar Applicant
  • Douglas, I cannot thank you and your team enough for your excellent work on my behalf.  This has been quite a learning experience, and having seen the effort and expertise required to mount a favorable defense on this claim, I am grateful to have had your assistance every step of the way.

    Mr. K Attorney and Former Judge, Atlanta, GA

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