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In the months to come, Chandler Law’s founder Douglas Chandler will release his new book Minnows and Sharks: Lawyers Quick Reference for Reducing Risk and Avoiding Trouble.
Douglas Chandler’s new book is the lawyer’s go-to resource for the best practice tips on how to handle Bar admission obstacles, ethics conundrums, disciplinary investigations, and malpractice situations. Don’t find yourself as the tiny minnow in an ocean full of client-sharks. Chandler wrote this book for law students applying for admission to the Bar, and lawyers of all ages and at all stages of their careers, even at the brink of retirement.

This handy guide is a culmination of Chandler’s 20 years of practice focusing on suing and defending lawyers in malpractice and ethics situations. Minnows and Sharks will have you saying to yourself, “I never knew that; now I know what to do when that happens.” Chandler walks readers through the steps to confidently acquiring malpractice insurance, guides you through the initial steps of what to do when you receive a Bar grievance, helps you navigate a malpractice claim letter, and leads you on a step-by-step journey through his 4-Cs to better risk manage your practice and hedge against problem scenarios. As a Board-Certified Specialist in Legal Malpractice and a Founding Member of the State Bar of Georgia’s Professional Liability Section, Douglas shows lawyers how to better plan to reduce and avoid the pitfalls of law practice to retire with confidence and peace.
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