A lawyer’s checklist before going on vacation

It’s that time of year again: travel, turkey, and time off. As lawyers, we help our clients prepare for and deal with “worst case scenarios,” so let us be the first this season [...]


Improving Client Communication

Make this your #1 2015 business focus

I was thinking about the numerous calls I received in 2014 from attorneys who had questions about client-related issues. Some of [...]


Leaving Your Law Firm

What are your ethical obligations to your clients and firm?

As you already know, an attorney's decision to leave (or dissolve) a law firm involves much more than just [...]


The Daily Report Seeks Douglas Chandler’s Comments for Bar Complaint and Legal Ethics Article

Daily Report journalist Mark Neisse sought Douglas Chandler ’s feedback for the July 12 article, “Gwinnett reaches deal with overbilling lawyer,” about a metro Atlanta attorney who admitted [...]


The Importance of Clear Client Communication – Using Siri as your guide

I was using Siri yesterday to dictate a text, and Apple’s intelligent personal assistant just couldn’t get my message right. Siri thought that my “Motion to Quash” was a request for websites [...]