Choosing the right counsel

Lawyers have an ethical obligation to their clients to provide advice in the client’s best interests. This is codified, in part, in Rule 2.1 of the Georgia Rules of Professional Conduct. [...]


Credibility: truth, lies, and exaggerations

In every case, a lot is riding on credibility. It’s the main way that a jury evaluates testimony of witnesses and parties. And credibility, like reputation, takes a long time to build, but [...]


Cell phone follies

The following article is a guest post by George Fox, of Fox+Mattson, published with permission, and the approval and editing of Chandler Law. If someone dared you, would you close your eyes for [...]


Protecting client relationships to ensure a fee

Protecting your client relationships from being damaged by other lawyers is important. In many cases, it is good for the client to have more than one lawyer involved. The benefits of co-counsel [...]


Is it malpractice when your lawyer won’t call you back?

Most people never have more than one personal injury case. So, they don’t really know what is acceptable behavior for a law firm. Or, what a lawyer is supposed to do for them in the [...]


Potential client with a bad case: what to say

Every lawyer has more than one story about a potential client who contacted them, desperate for them to take their case, and it was just … a terrible case. Sometimes the potential clients [...]


Killer Practice Point: ante litem notice to state agencies and municipalities

Something that comes up from time to time, in personal injury matters especially, is the requirement to provide ante litem notice to the state prior to filing suit. The Georgia Tort Claims Act [...]


Lawsuit Loans and Advances

Understand the cost before borrowing against a potential lawsuit recovery.

For someone severely injured by another's negligence, finances can often get very tight. The [...]


A Mediated Resolution Is Like a Sale

Close the deal today and don't leave decisions on the table—especially when dealing with less experienced opposing counsel or pro se litigants.

When I was in law [...]


Chandler Law’s Douglas Chandler Selected to Top 100 Georgia Super Lawyers List for 2015

Chandler represents clients in attorney discipline, professional malpractice and personal injury matters.

Atlanta, GA - February 20, 2015 -- [...]

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